Guest Blog: Why voice is the next big internet wave

Speech-enablement is really important to us at Artificial Solutions.  We see the use of your voice as an input method as being a key trend in technology.  

This great blog by Martin Geddes of the Hypervoice Consortium looks at the power of speech and how it will soon be the de facto way to control, manage and link your connected devices.

“Voice intersects with a long list of hot topics: the internet of things, search, location services, wearables, security, connected car, big data, quantified self and beyond. As analyst Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz recently tweeted: “It’s kind of ironic that voice is one of the next big things in mobile.”

I would say Evans is partially correct. It’s not just mobile. Voice promises to be the next big thing in communications, period.”

Read the whole article at  Why voice is the next big internet wave

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