Guest Blog: If you want to trust a robot, look at how it makes decisions

Many people are wary of a robot-led future. This great article by  Michael Fisher, Professor of Computer Science at University of Liverpool, takes a look at what a “robot-led future” really means

“But once we move to truly autonomous systems, software will play a much bigger part. We will no longer need a human to decide when to change the route of an aircraft or when to turn off the motorway onto a side road.

It is at this point that many of us start to worry. If a machine can truly make its own decisions then how do we know it is safe? After seeing movies such as Terminator, we wonder how we can trust machines not to double-cross us. For many, the idea of boarding an aeroplane that flies itself is unnerving, let alone the thought of allowing an autonomous robot assistant in their home”


Read the rest of this fascinating look at the future on If you want to trust a robot, look at how it makes decisions

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