Forget Fitness, 5 Wearables to Watch Out For in 2015

The market is awash with fitness wearables this Christmas, but what does 2015 hold for devices that respond naturally to human (and animal) interaction.

We take a look at what other useful ideas for wearable tech you can expect to see next year.

TV Zzzzz
No need to worry about falling asleep in front of the telly with Virgin Media’s KipstR. Designed by a couple of teenagers, this wristband senses when you’ve fallen asleep and automatically starts recording the program you were watching. Source: Pocket-lint.

Cycle safety
Renowned for its stance on safety, Volvo is launching technology integrated into a cycling helmet at CES next month that will be able to warn both the driver of a car and the cyclist of an imminent collision. A smartphone app shares the exact location of both the Volvo and the cyclist, ensuring every possible angle is covered. Source: Auto-express

Clip on glass
Remember the 70s when clip-on shades were all the rage – no, sorry must be my age. Anyway, it turns out Sony thinks it’s a good idea and is launching its own Google Glass like version. Source: Mashable

Tablet on a wrist
No, this isn’t the landscape orientated smartwatch that we’ve all wondered why someone doesn’t build. IF it’s ever produced, it’s better. Cicret is a bracelet that projects a virtual screen onto your wrist, allowing you to swipe and tap your arm and use it just like you do your Android device. Source: SlashGear

And a little something for that someone special in your life
OK I lied. I couldn’t resist including this fitness wearable, but it is for a dog. Monitoring key vital signs and other data for your pampered pooch, Voyce highlights one of the benefits of natural language data – analytics. Using the information owners can discover a range of health and wellness issues their dog maybe silently suffering from. Source: PC World

Happy Holidays Everybody!

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