Conversational Immersive Experiences Top List of Gartner Trends

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Despite the vast number of chatbots failing to give a truly engaging experience, conversational immersive experiences is one of Gartner’s top strategic trends for 2019. The research firm predicts that by 2022, 75% of enterprises will have started experimenting with this unique blend of conversational platforms and other interactive technology such as virtual reality.

But one of the key differentiators here is the word conversational. The majority of virtual assistants, chatbots, or digital employees today are command driven. They are only able to follow a set dialogue flow that doesn’t allow for deviation, on-the-fly personalization or even small talk about the weather.

In other words, they’re not capable of a normal conversation.

Technology such as Teneo differs from this with a multitude of AI enhanced features that enables a much more humanlike conversation between man and machine. One that engages the user, is highly personalized and delivers a memorable experience — for the right reasons.

An immersive conversational experience takes this a step further by applying other technology such as virtual reality or mixed reality into the equation. We’re already seeing this trend with companies such as Widiba that expanded their Teneo based applications last year to take advantage of complementary technology.

Now, from the comfort of their own sofa, Widiba’s customers can immerse themselves in the bank branch experience, complete with a choice of advisors or touchscreens to find out bank balances, pay bills and move money. Real money might not come out of the ATM, but as we move towards a contactless payment society, hard cash is becoming increasingly less important anyway.

Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019 features some interesting technology. As you might expect, AI features heavily with autonomous things taking the top spot. But the research firm also notes that AI tools will be more focused towards the professional developer community with less reliance on data scientists.

AI driven development was something we recognized as being essential for enterprises several years ago. Not just because it’s expensive to hire teams of highly specialist computational linguists, but because it cuts out one of the most important group of people in the development cycle – business users.

These are the people that can translate between developers and the business itself. They understand internal processes, can spot when a capability is missing in an app even before its gone live and generally ensure that the conversational AI interface delivers the expected advantages and achieves its business aim through conversational immersive experiences.

Read how Widiba takes intelligent chatbots to a new dimension with its virtual reality banking app which has customers giving the company a 4.8/5 on its “happiness index”.

Teneo delivers AI driven development with technology such as automated code generation to simulate the way humans think, while its graphical interface provides the insight business users need to understand the conversation flows of the application from day one.

But it’s number nine on Gartner’s list that I think will be the hot topic for 2019. Digital ethics and privacy.

One of conversational AI’s biggest assets to enterprises is the data generated. Information that is used to personalize the conversation, deliver actionable business data and key insights into emerging trends. It’s one of the reasons we ensure that our customers own all of the conversational data that is generated from Teneo-based conversational solutions and why we’ve already introduced new capabilities to enable enterprises to meet data privacy regulations such as GDPR.

While I’ve no doubt that we will see more high-profile scandals about how companies are misusing data, despite tightening regulation, winning customers trust will prove to be a strong tactic in ensuring a continuous stream of data.

To achieve this, enterprises need not only to look at the ethics of the data they collect and how it’s used, but they must deliver the one thing customers love in return — a frictionless experience that’s relevant to them. Something that only advanced conversational AI can deliver.

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Conversational Immersive Experiences

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