Artificial Solutions Looks to the Future of Conversational AI

Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI) the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced today that CTO, Andreas Wieweg will be discussing the challenges and rewards of developing highly intelligent, natural language applications at the Artificial Intelligence Seminar hosted by Redeye in Stockholm next week.

During his presentation, Andreas will explore the factors that are driving the rapid change in how people interact with technology. He’ll look at the issues enterprises face in meeting customer demands and explain how an intelligent, humanlike conversational AI experience allows businesses to build a closer and more personalized relationship with their customers.

“Customer expectations are changing fast,” says Andreas Wieweg, CTO of Artificial Solutions. “People are no longer content to let enterprises dictate the rules of engagement. Customers want fast, meaningful interactions using their own words over a channel most convenient to them. And if they can’t get that experience, they’ll go elsewhere. Conversational AI provides the agility an enterprise needs to meet these demands, while delivering cost savings and actionable big-data insight back to the business.”

Artificial Solutions’ award-winning development platform Teneo allows developers and business users to collaborate and build humanlike conversational AI applications in more than 35 languages running over any channel, device or service. The ability to analyze and make use of the enormous quantities of conversational data is fully integrated within Teneo, delivering high levels of insight that reveal what customers are truly thinking.

With speakers from The Wallenberg Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP), Ericsson, and Captario, the Artificial Intelligence Seminar will provide institutional investors with greater insight as to how businesses are using AI today and the trends they see for the future during the Redeye seminar. For more information please visit

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