World’s First GDPR Safe Conversational AI Platform


Teneo’s data driven platform is designed to work in any configuration, providing clients with a flexible technology solution to secure data in the cloud or on-site

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, human like interaction with technology announced today that its enterprise-strength NLI development and analytics platform called Teneo will be the first artificially intelligent conversational platform to provide strong data-control capabilities to help clients ensure their compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Teneo provides business users and developers the opportunity to collaborate on creating sophisticated natural language applications in record time without the need for specialist linguistic skills.

Due to come into full effect on 25 May 2018, and designed to protect the data and privacy of European citizens, this new regulation is applicable to any organization that processes European citizens’ data and will have a large-scale impact on how enterprises across the globe store and share customer data.  The data processes in the Teneo platform have been built to ensure Artificial Solutions’ clients can comply with GDPR.

“The challenge for enterprises is how to maximize the benefits of deploying advanced AI technologies within their business and remain within the requirements of data protection legislation which is continually being extended to afford data subjects more rights and increased protection. With Teneo, these organizations can implement advanced conversational AI applications across all platforms, devices and operating systems, and benefit from extensive data analysis, without contravening regulations such as the GDPR. This is achieved through Teneo’s architecture and processing capabilities and can be further enhanced by being sited within customers own IT infrastructure, thus keeping security levels at their highest,” says Andy Peart, Chief Strategy Officer at Artificial Solutions.
Teneo’s unique conversational AI platform provides businesses with data ownership and the flexibility to self-host on site or use cloud hosting options that can be tailored to the most exacting security conditions, across multiple geographies and legal requirements. Additionally, the knowledge Teneo gathers is stored in one place which streamlines the querying and interpreting of conversational data, and allows for the easy identification of any personal data and delete it if needed. It is also possible to pseudonymize personal data to enable conversations still to be used for statistical analysis and data insight even when the information has been removed in accordance with the company’s GDPR policy.

“Data is at the heart of conversational AI systems. Even when it’s been anonymized it still holds a wealth of information that enterprises can learn from, and use to add value to the business. Teneo allows enterprises to maintain full ownership of the data whereas other providers get access to the data. In this scenario, businesses are potentially giving away this unique company data and insight to others who in the future may well become competitors,” says Andy Peart.

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