Teneo Insight Datasheet

Heating up

Hi house, how are you doing? We are seeing a growing number of initiatives that aim to promote home automation using natural language voice technology rather than buttons or keyboards as the user interface. This is an exciting development although, let’s face it, past attempts to promote connected homes have not made much impact beyond […]


Is your living room the next great disruptive frontier?

I just read Nick Bilton’s blog post in Bits “Disruptions: TV Makers Ignore Apps at Their Own Peril”.  I know it’s now a couple of months since it was published but hey, you can’t catch every blog post every time and what he’s saying still remains spot-on. To take the next step along the journey […]


How to smash a pig from the comfort of your sofa

Disruptive technology developers from the Nordics have done it again; this time it is the Finnish based company Rovio who, with their success app “Angry Birds”, has teamed up with Samsung to launch the game on Smart-TV. Without remote control or touch interface you will be able to catapult birds and destroy the vicious green […]


Bringing Internet Fridges out from the cold

Ever since supermarkets introduced shopping online there has been the promise of a fridge capable of automatically restocking itself. Why is it then that over a decade since LG introduced the first internet fridge we haven’t got much further, and how can Natural Language Interaction (NLI) technology solve the problem? Whilst some companies have already […]


Blinking clock

My video cassette recorder finally stopped working last week. Even if I wanted to replace it, I’d have trouble doing so as Panasonic, one of the last remaining manufacturers, stopped VCR production earlier this year. Few consumers will mourn the passing of the VCR. Apart from their infuriating habit of chewing tapes, VCRs were notoriously […]