Zoe meets Anna

Virtual assistants have been around for a while now and vendors such as Artificial Solutions have done a lot to popularize this technology, particularly as it relates to web-based customer service. Artificial Solutions’ virtual assistant technology has proved its worth in multiple engagements, the best known perhaps being Anna, IKEA’s popular web-based avatar, which can […]


He’s making a list

You might have seen on “Gadget Man” on Channel 4 a few weeks ago the prototype for a smart shopping trolley. It could follow or lead you round the store ticking items off your shopping list by scanning RFID tags as you placed items in the cart. It’s supposed to make shopping easier but I’m […]


Virtual Assistant to the rescue – a retail experience

Moving house is the third most traumatic thing after death and divorce, they say… Presumably, those who move often, learn how to ease the pain. But in my case, I had to admit I was a novice in the house-moving game and did not know where to start. Fortunately, I discovered that one good place […]