Elbot Winner Of The Loebner Prize 2008!

Elbot is an internal project at Artificial Solutions that has been developed over the last 7 years. It is our most intelligent bot with an enormous knowledge base, and he is currently used for advanced testing and sets the basis for the personality module.


Launch of Emma at the European Consumer Center Denmark

Emma from the European Consumer Center Denmark (Forbruger Europa) will be in charge of giving information and advice to the people trying to learn more about their rights and obligations regarding issues related to trade across the Danish borders within the European Union.


Luna At BuyVIP Launched

BuyVIP is a private on-line club for users, selling very different kind of items with discounts between 30% and 70% on official prices. Luna's job at BuyVIP will be to answer general questions and in addition to that she has some very interesting and powerful features as she recognizes the user´s name when logged in and therefore she can say hello using the user´s name and knows all the information linked to the user: last orders, active bonus, etc.

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