Apps that dont exist yet

Top 10 Most Wanted Apps That Don’t Exist Yet

Are there any apps that don´t exist yet? It´s not many years ago that the word “app” had very little meaning to most of us. However, when Apple launched its “App Store” in 2008 the word soon became a global term and in 2010 it was listed as “Word of the Year” by the American […]


Where next for the Mobile Personal Assistant?

Mobile Personal Assistants might be able to send messages, update your Facebook status and remind you to take an umbrella, but for most of us it’s not exactly changed the way we work. Wouldn’t it be great if they could help you with the more tedious aspects of everyday work life such as updating sales […]



Phenomenal! Awesome! Love this app! Impressive!

These are just a few of the comments we’ve been getting from users downloading the latest update from our natural language app, the personal assistant that follows you as you switch between devices during the day from mobile, to tablet, to laptop.


The smartphone is your new concierge

It seems like every day new ways to use technology are invented. Today I was browsing the news and came across a story from BBC about a high tech hotel in Bangkok that gives their guests a smartphone instead of a key card. Is this what we can expect from the hotels in the future? […]


A smartphone’s trick and treat

It’s that time of the year again – trick or treat and scary faces all around. Small monsters are walking home from the daytime party at the kindergarten while bigger monsters are dressing up for their evening Halloween party. I bet there are a few party people who haven’t thought their costumes through and might […]


Context is everything in a mobile world

If you are in a strange city and want to find a good local restaurant, the easiest way is to ask your hotel concierge. But for how much longer?  The advances we have seen in mobile technology in recent years, particularly in areas such as natural language intelligence and location-based services, mean that mobile search […]


Climbing the Slope

The blogosphere is awash with views on Apple’s Siri. Some of it effusive with its praise, some reveling in its supposed shortcomings — see this post from the New York Times Bits blog for example. One thing for sure, you could be forgiven for thinking that Apple’s natural language technology that powers Siri was the […]


Why Siri signals a change in Customer Communications

Even if you’re not a devotee of the iPhone, it’s impossible to have missed the arrival of Siri, Apple’s newest recruit. Whilst Siri isn’t going to pass the Turing test any time soon, it does signify that people are now far more receptive to the idea of speech being the interface between themselves and technology. […]


Artificial Solutions presents Teneo Mobile in Barcelona

Last week, Artificial Solutions and the Spanish Association of Contact Center Experts (AEECCC) co-hosted an executive briefing in which different speakers discussed the future of customer service and how natural language interaction combined with technology can be used to make technology think. During the briefing, attendees from different prestigious Spanish companies heard about the findings of an […]

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