Teneo Virtual Assistant

NLI makes Glass Clearer

Your Gran may have only just got her first smartphone, but if reports are to be believed, chances are it will be obsolete before she gets round to upgrading again. Recent articles have pointed that the end is in sight for the smartphone as technologies such as Google Glass start to emerge, but in the […]


Disability is no joke

These days we can control the key functions of a smartphone, TV or even automobile by voice. Clearly, voice control is a cool feature that will soon be commonplace on a broad range of consumer devices. For disabled people, however, assistive technologies like voice control are not just cool but an essential way to help […]


Say hello to security

People are ever more reliant on mobile devices not just to work but to manage their social life as well. But the familiarity and sense of ease that people now have with their mobile devices can lull them into a false sense of security. Around 900 laptops are lost, stolen or mislaid each week at […]


Biometrics gets vocal

Biometrics technologies have made enormous advances in recent years. Many airports already use finger-print or iris scanners to protect borders, and Google employs iris scanners to control access to its data centers. But not all hardware-based biometrics implementations have been successful. The UK Border Agency spent £9 million on iris-recognition machines, only to discover that they […]


Increasing the RoI of your Intranet with NLI

Traditionally, virtual assistants have typically resided on a company website to help customers find the answers to their queries, but with corporate intranets becoming increasingly complex, more organizations are turning their attention to use VAs to resolve internal queries too. The corporate intranet has changed considerably from the early days of just publishing information. In […]