333 ways to tell a joke

333 ways to ask for a joke

The fascinating thing about language is its staggering diversity, which shows up where you would least expect it. For example, the Oxford Dictionaries blog lists 22 ways to say “yes” in English [1], including expected words like “yes” and “OK”, and less common variants like “10-4”, “righto”, and “fo’shizzle”. This kind of diversity is interesting […]


britons polite

Britons are still more polite – but for how long?

There are numerous stereotypes about the British – their love of tea, the “stiff upper lip”, and of course their politeness. But does this politeness extend to intelligent virtual assistants, such as Artificial Solutions’ “Indigo”? The opposite of this stereotype is that of the rude Yankee. With Indigo as our test lab, can we see […]


April Fool Prank Highlights Development Flexibility in Teneo

Last week, you might have noticed that Indigo asked you if you’d dropped your phone. Of course it was April Fools’ Day here in the UK and our product marketing team had decided to have a bit of fun with us all by getting Indigo to pretend she couldn’t find the letter ‘t’ anymore. But […]

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