Turing Test – A little less conversation

Our very own Elbot (www.elbot.com) was honoured last weekend when he was just one of five chatbots invited to take part in the latest ‘Turing Test’. It’s sixty years since the death of Alan Turing and rather than look at where artificial intelligence might be in another six decades we thought it might be more […]


Elbot Takes on Turing Test To Outwit Humans at Bletchley Park

Elbot, Artificial Solutions’ pet project, will be taking part in the Turing100 contest held at Bletchley Park on the 23rd June 2012. A previous winner of the Loebner Prize Contest, Elbot is the creation of R&D Consultant, Fred Roberts and is powered by Artificial Solutions patented NLI technology.


When social intelligence meets NLI

Every day, the social web grows in size and influence with consumers. Facebook and Twitter have millions of users, which means millions of opportunities for companies to promote their products and gauge market trends. But trying to recognize actionable intelligence from the countless conversations taking place in the social web can be a bit like […]


A Chatbot’s Anatomy of Wow!

With this article I would like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how a system like Elbot is enhanced with new capabilities. I’ll do this by walking through one of Elbot’s newer features: color learning. If you would like to try the feature before reading all the spoilers, please visit Elbot.com, and ask Elbot […]

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