Ever Had That Feeling of Deja Vu?

A couple of colleagues pointed out some interesting articles last week. One talked about the cross-platform capabilities of Cortana and the other was ‘news’ that Google answers questions before the user finishes typing them. Both of these things Teneo has been capable of doing for at least three years and in the case of the […]


Big Data Analytics

At Artificial Solution’s we use Teneo’s powerful NLI text-mining capabilities to unlock the knowledge from these vast numbers of natural language, unstructured conversations to deliver previously un-heard of levels of big-data analysis.


Users gain a voice with NLI

There’s no denying that Apple’s Siri technology has brought the benefits of natural language interaction (NLI) to a much broader market. But what do Siri users actually use the technology for? US research firm Park Associates has conducted an interesting survey of users of the iPhone 4S, the first Apple device to come with the […]