Car speak

At the recent Mobile World Congress, some visitors wondered if they had stumbled into a car show by mistake. Big-name carmakers like Ford, GM and specialist app developers were all out to prove that the car is central to today’s connected lifestyle. Natural language interaction technologies such as Artificial Solutions’ Teneo are already playing an […]


Voices in the fast lane

Don’t you wish your car was as intuitive to use as a smartphone? During the past decade, automotive manufacturers have added more and more electronics to take the hard work out of driving a car. But the proliferation of buttons, screens and lights, while reducing the physical effort required to drive a car, has also […]


Alfa Romeo boosted their numbers of test drivers with the help of NLI

The Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo put Natural Language Interaction technology to the test when they wanted to improve the level of online engagement with Italian consumers and drive a higher number of test drive requests for its dealer network. The Italian marquee was also looking to enrich the way consumers searched on its website […]