Can over 80% of Fortune 500 CEO, CIO or COO’s be wrong?

digital customer experience

I was recently at an event in London discussing digital transformation and innovation and one of the presenters at the event gave the following statistic (from Gartner I believe):

80+% of Fortune 500 CEO, CIO or COO’s interviewed stated that the “Digital Customer Experience” will be a focus for the business in 2016

Wow. That is a very definite statement for very senior people at some of the worlds largest companies.

So why is this…well because consumer demands are changing. There expectations are changing. In fact everything that consumers do online is being rapidly driven away from the environment they know and into the exciting and new world of wearables, connected devices and the IoT.

From retail to telecoms, healthcare to banking the big giants like Apple, Google and Amazon are giving consumers a new way to interact. This new future is one of speech.
Natural language is enabling these organisations to give their customers a simple interface regardless of device, platform, operating system, location and time to quickly undertake the activity they want using the language they use every day.

These business are not just doing this to give their customers a better experience though. They benefit from the massive amounts of information stored within those conversations which can be leveraged to drive additional personalisation and in turn increased business revenue.

Teneo enables you to have the same capabilities. The same simplified user experience. The same conversational user data and right now this same, market leading, visionary position for your organisation.

(This post originally appeared on LinkedIn)

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