From Business Smartization to Innovation Strategies

Last week, I went to the AI Show in Madrid. Artificial Solutions was one of the sponsors of this event and my colleague Elizabeth Breedlove presented a keynote titled “Can computers have ‘conversations’ with humans?”. After her presentation, Jorge Calvo, from GLOBIS Business School Tokyo, talked about the idea of “business smartization”. I found this […]



Mobile World Congress 2017 Was Also About Artificial Intelligence

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The event this year was the largest in its history with more than 108,000 visitors from over 208 countries and covered by approximately 3,500 members of the international press and media. As you can imagine, with all this expectation, many companies took […]


artificial intelligence for business

Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language… So What?

This week, Artificial Solutions attended an innovation event organized in Barcelona by Co-Society that was around Artificial Intelligence. Our Head of Field Marketing EMEA, Josep Tarbal, reviewed it on LinkedIn: “It was a great opportunity to learn more about all the buzzwords that appear constantly in the media. But, the best part was being able to […]