Artificial Solutions Wins Best Data/Analytics Technology at the Prestigious Techies Awards


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that it has won Best Data/Analytics Technology at this year’s prestigious techies awards. Hosted by Techworld, the industry leader in business technology publishing, the techies recognizes the UK’s most innovative technologists.
Artificial Solutions’ Teneo Analytics was chosen by a panel of independent judges because of its unique ability to unlock the knowledge held within conversational data to deliver unprecedented levels of big data insight and true ‘voice of your customer’ understanding.

“When people speak, even to a computer, they reveal vast amounts of valuable information through their words that businesses can use to gain insight about their customers,” says Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions. “But conversational data isn’t like typical data sets with neat rows and columns. Conversational data must be interpreted within its proper context before it can be turned into actionable information.

“Most conversational analytic tools interpret the data simply as words; without context, without meaning, and without frequencies. This results in information overload. It’s a flat view of the data where nothing stands out as more important. Teneo Analytics changes this by providing the tools to unlock the meaning in the conversations enabling companies to use conversational data to reveal actionable insights, create data-driven applications and automatically train the Artificial Intelligence (AI) application to anticipate customer needs.”

Using Teneo Analytics enterprises have access to:

• Real Time interpretation of natural language data, combined with the ability to access individual-specifi¬c information from other data sources, opens the door to NLI applications that are able to automatically personalize their responses at an individual level, introducing new marketing possibilities and realise hidden revenue opportunities.

• “Train of Thought” insight allows enterprises to unlock the knowledge from millions of conversations and an unrivalled depth of understanding into the voice of the customer. Teneo Analytics helps businesses identify a wide range of concepts, trends and relationships: “What are your customers talking about?”, “Why are they placing an order?”, “What else interests them when they ask about a subject?”

• Exceptional levels of customer insight through natural language data analysis from a wide variety of sources such as live chat transcripts, search string requests and, of course, Teneo-generated NLI log fi¬les. Text data can be mined to uncover hidden associations, such as understanding that when users ask “how much” they do it in conjunction with “product X”.

Teneo Analytics is used across a wide range of industries for a variety of applications.

For a global computer manufacturer it enabled the implementation of a digital employee within just 12 weeks. By analyzing over 50,000 live chat logs, Teneo Analytics was able to identify concepts accounting for the majority of the business challenges that were spread across 20 domains, 30 knowledge areas and 1000s of questions and response combinations.

When the project went live 94% of natural language inputs were understood immediately and the application received a 95% positive feedback from users. This was due in no small way to the data insight that Teneo Analytics was able to give in the pre-planning phase. In addition, Teneo Analytics was also able to quickly identify areas of improvement. This is especially valuable information for businesses immediately after an application goes live.

However, Teneo Analytics can also mine the data to identify areas of expansion and ways to align the capabilities of the solution with the expectations of the customer. This mining phase is important in discovering the ‘unknown unknowns’ – the things an enterprise didn’t know they were looking for.

For a large car parts online retailer, it enabled them to identify ways to improve how customers understood their website. By analyzing data from its virtual assistant interactions with customers it was able to make a number of improvements as to how information was delivered via its website, which resulted in a 10% drop in inbound queries, despite an increase in sales during the same period.

For a cosmetics manufacturer, Teneo Analytics has enabled them to engage more closely with a teenage audience. Customers can converse with its mobile app about all manner of beauty related topics such as how to apply eye make-up, as well as specific company products. Teneo Analytics allows for the cosmetics manufacturer to analyze interactions in real-time to understand the customer’s need better and to deliver greater personalization within the conversation.

Teneo Analytics also helps conversational applications to continually learn. A digital employee developed by an online bank, uses a mixture of Teneo’s analytics and machine learning capabilities to constantly update its knowledge through interactions with customers. The application is able to refine and enhance its understanding of the customers’ questions and the accuracy of the answer it provides.

Furthermore, in business environments where it might not be appropriate to allow the system to fully self-learn, which has led to some high profile incidents by some organizations—notably Microsoft Tay, Teneo delivers an approvals workbench, presenting suggested responses for a final human approval.

The Best Data/Analytics Technology of the Year Award was presented to Artificial Solutions on the 23 February 2017.

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