Artificial Solutions to Speak at the European Online Retail Forum


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that it is speaking again at this year’s European Online Retail Forum in Barcelona. Stephen Fletcher will be heading up the roundtable discussing balancing human and automated interaction in the customer experience and Ben Holmes will be holding a workshop, advising how retailers can deliver greater engagement with natural language analytics.

The closed group forum, which runs from the 19-20 October 2015, brings together the most innovative minds in eCommerce to cover the key issues affecting online retailers today. A unique blend of keynotes, workshops and round tables covering everything from marketing to mobile, other presenters include AXA, Google, Tesco and Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Artificial Solutions will be looking at how the vast amount of information that consumers reveal when conversing naturally can be used to deliver a more personalised service, in addition to actionable business critical data. The workshop considers strategies to maximise the data’s potential from real-time usage to product development to ultimately provide greater customer engagement and a competitive edge.

“We’d all love to give our customers the chance to speak to a live agent 24/7, but the simple truth is no business can afford to offer it,” says Ben Holmes, Director of Retail at Artificial Solutions. “But even if they could, enterprises would miss out on the bigger opportunities that embracing natural language in the customer experience delivers.”

With examples from some of the retail giants Artificial Solutions works with, Stephen Fletcher will discuss how natural language can revolutionise the online experience and will look at how in the near future it will be as core to a company’s survival as having a website is today.

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Avoiding the “False Choice” Between Linguistic Models and Machine Learning. The backbone of Artificial Solutions’ Teneo platform is a linguistic-based algorithm with the key ability to embed and operate in tandem with machine learning algorithms.

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