Artificial Solutions to help Enterprises improve online and mobile sales in the Netherlands with new partner Tieto

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, human-like interaction with technology, announced today its new partnership with Dutch company Tieto Digital Business Consulting (DBC).

Tieto Digital Business Consulting (DBC) is an expert in the field of optimization of service, marketing and sales processes within large companies. They focus on delivering a seamless and integrated customer experience for consumers via internet, mobile, social media, and telephone or face-to-face with a company. Their services include consulting, development and implementation of solutions concerning customer interaction and their customer base includes major financial institutions, telecom operators and utilities.

The relationship with Artificial Solutions will allow Tieto to add the online and mobile Natural Language Interaction (NLI) capabilities of Artificial Solutions to their SmartEngage program, and thus enhance the customer service experience by providing customers instant help via self-service solutions that understands everyday language, such as online Virtual Agents.

“The seamless integration between Artificial Solutions’ Teneo Virtual Agent and LivePerson’s Chat will allow us to move the customer from self-service to an agent without any disturbance or without losing any of the information exchanged in the dialogues with the virtual agent, something which will provide an optimal mix between self-service and assisted services”, says Göran van Hese, Solution Manager, Tieto.

Artificial Solutions’ Teneo platform is a fully integrated, customer interaction suite that uses intelligent, Natural Language Interaction to enable customers to resolve their queries online or via a mobile app faster than ever before, using their own words, just as if they were talking directly to a contact center representative.

In addition, with Artificial Solutions’ NLI technology, Tieto will be able to provide intelligent speech enablement for their customer solutions, adding yet another layer of intelligence to the customer experience and securing an optimized service.

Tieto’s passion for delivering a seamless and integrated customer experience for consumers makes them a perfect fit for Artificial Solutions,” says Michel Van Dorp, VP Channel Sales & Alliances at Artificial Solutions. “Together we can help enterprises improve customer satisfaction and gain a significant competitive advantage through the use of intelligent natural language interaction. For instance, we helped an enterprise implement a Virtual Assistant performing the work of 300 full time employees and achieving the highest customer satisfaction. This is a result of the call center specialists bundling their expertise in the Virtual Assistant and an example of perfect teamwork between the call center and their virtual online and mobile colleague”.


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