Artificial Solutions to Give Keynote Speech and Demonstration of Teneo at AI World


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that Lawrence Flynn, CEO, will be giving a keynote speech at the AI World in San Francisco next week. In addition, Andy Peart, CMO will be demonstrating the ease with which developers can build intelligent applications using Teneo™ during the Digital Assistants and Bots session.

In his speech, If Trees Could Walk, Lawrence Flynn will discuss how data holds the key for large scale enterprises to survive the digital transformation. He’ll look at why some businesses seem to stand still when faced with new market conditions and others thrive against adversity.

“The wind of change has never blown any faster for the business community, yet the lack of ability of large scale enterprises to adapt and exploit remains their biggest weakness. A weakness which has allowed tech startups to disrupt whole economies,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. “These stories are well understood through the likes of Amazon, Uber and Airbnb, but enterprises continue to look on as if watching a magic trick rather than responding practically. They remain rooted rather than take action, seeing such things as fluke, or anomalies. Yet they are very much not, and success that seems to be conjured out of thin air, is closer to pure science, based on data driven decision making.”

Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions joins representatives from Google, Microsoft, Colbalt and Inbenta to discuss and provide insight on digital assistants. The afternoon long session, headed up by William Meisel of TMA Associates, will end with demonstrations of digital assistant development options, providing detailed examples of the tools outlined earlier in the discussion. Using Teneo, Andy will show how easy it is to create conversational dialogues, including adding information from third party databases into responses.

AI World Conference and Expo will be held November, 7–9, 2016 at the Hilton Parc 55, San Francisco, CA. The conference is focused on the business and technology of enterprise AI. The two and a half day conference and exposition is the largest event in the industry and is designed to enable business and technology professionals learn about the state-of-the-practice in AI and intelligent systems in the enterprise.

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