Artificial Solutions to Discuss Sentiment and the Digital Employee at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that R&D Engineer, Fred Roberts is to speak at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York later this year.

The largest conference to look at how opinions, emotions, and attitudes in social media, news, and enterprise feedback can be exploited to further business goals, the Sentiment Analysis Symposium features a range of presentations, panels and workshops. Running from 15-16 July 2015, the conference takes place at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Fred Roberts will be discussing how sentiment combined with other factors such as user profiling can impact on a digital employee’s effectiveness. He believes that powerful conversational abilities encourages the user to converse with the digital employee more complexly. The end-result is a more satisfying user experience, in depth analytical data to increase sales and marketing potential, and an improved customer service.

“For example, by customizing the conversation to individual aspects of the user with information such as the user’s interests, gender, age group, partner status, personality, it can determine which offers to show a potential customer,” says Fred Roberts of Artificial Solutions. “Furthermore, the digital employee can adjust its response modalities to the user’s mood. If the user shows sarcasm, it can switch to a sarcastic response set as well. Or if the user is angry about something, take an apologetic approach.”

Based in Artificial Solutions’ Hamburg office, Fred has a dual B.S. in Computer Science and Psychology from Northern Kentucky University and a Masters in Psychology from Bielefeld Universität. He has designed numerous commercial virtual assistants and is currently developing new techniques for use in virtual dialogue situations. His virtual assistant has won several awards including first place in the Chatterbox Challenge (2003) and Loebner Competition (2008).

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