Artificial Solutions Tells How to Supercharge Chatbots


Artificial Solutions, the leading specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI, will be presenting at CXtech in London later this week on the latest technology insights in conversational AI.

In “Supercharge your chatbot. How to unlock the true potential of conversational interfaces”, Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions discusses some of the core reasons conversational applications fail to perform to enterprises’ expectations.

“Chatbots promise to increase customer engagement, improve brand experience and deliver actionable insight to the business. So, why are many of them failing to deliver?” asks Andy. “Typically, the answer lies in chatbot technology that’s been developed for a single purpose, which distorts organisations’ vision of what can be achieved through conversational interfaces.”

Andy will explain how the problem is further exacerbated by the number of channels and languages through which customers want to communicate, a lack of intelligence displayed by the chatbot itself and confusion over data ownership. He will then go on to suggests practical ways to overcome the issues to enable enterprises to create AI driven conversational interaction that’s 100% on brand, improves the customer experience and delivers measurable, positive results to the business.

CXtech combines business strategy with hands-on access to transformative CX technologies. Taking place in London on the the 12 October, CXtech gives CX decision makers one day to accelerate their understanding and access transformative technologies. It’s aimed at everyone that’s making key decisions about their organization’s customer experience; how it’s designed, how it’s delivered and how its impact is understood. For more information visit:

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