Artificial Solutions Steers Skruvat in the Right Direction

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that the Nordic’s biggest online car parts retailer Skruvat, is using the Teneo Platform to gain a greater understanding of its customers’ requirements, improve how information is delivered on its website and ultimately reduce the number of inbound enquiries to its contact centre.

Founded in Sweden five years ago, Skruvat expanded rapidly as consumers throughout Europe appreciated its combination of discounted prices with great customer service. For the casual purchaser, buying automotive parts online can be a daunting prospect and customers frequently contact Skruvat’s live chat agents to confirm their choice, even after it’s been placed in the online shopping basket.

“Most of the time, the customer has chosen the correct part, so we wanted to discover what extra information we needed to provide on the website to give customers the reassurance they have found what they are looking for and reduce the number of pre-sales enquires to the contact centre,” explains Peter Jakobsson, Founder & Chairman of Skruvat. “Using the Teneo platform allows us to quickly analyze large volumes of conversations and easily drill down to individual chats when required to discover areas that could be enhanced or clarified on the website to increase its efficiency.”

Teneo provides Skruvat with this information by automatically analyzing the log files of its live agent chats and inbound emails. Teneo interprets, tags and categorizes the conversations in near real-time to reveal what additional information the customer needs to know before clicking the confirmation button and completing the order. The analysis of the natural language data also allows Skruvat to increase its understanding in product purchasing trends, in addition to other business insights.

“The implementation of Teneo at Skruvat demonstrates how NLI technology can provide business benefits beyond automating natural language conversations for customer service and deliver in-depth, intelligent analysis of a customer’s understanding of a website, the information within it and how it is presented,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions.

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