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Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that it has been shortlisted for both the Retail and Ecommerce Innovator of the Year award, and the Best Data/Analytics Technology of the Year award, in this year’s techies.

The techies, hosted by Techworld, is dedicated to the technology sector with awards going to the UK’s best technologists, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. Judged by a team of respected experts, the shortlist is comprised of those forward-thinking individuals and companies that are pushing the boundaries in everything from mobile app development and wearables to security and cloud technology.

Teneo, Artificial Solutions’ revolutionary conversational AI application development platform was technology behind each entry. For the Retail and Ecommerce Innovator of the Year award, the Kindred, formerly Unibet, app which makes it easy for people to place a bet using their own words and terminology, was featured. In the Best Data/Analytics Technology of the Year category, Artificial Solutions used examples of how its data mining and analysis suite unlocked the knowledge held in the immense volumes of conversational data for a computer manufacturer, an airline and a cosmetics company.

Teneo enables enterprises to rapidly build a range of artificially intelligent natural language applications from digital employees and mobile personal assistants, to wearables, bots and IoT interfaces, in 35 languages – all from a single platform.  Deep analytics provides the backbone to deliver true machine learning and implicit personalization that enables greater understanding about an individual, their likes and preferences, through interaction only.

Historically, creating these conversational interfaces has required specialist skills, significant resources and a great deal of time. However, Teneo’s advanced machine learning capabilities automatically writes the complex underlying language code and algorithms that simulate the way a human thinks.

“We’re delighted to be shortlisted for not just one, but two awards by Techworld, which has been an industry leader in business technology publishing for more than a decade,” says Andy Peart CMSO of Artificial Solutions. “As the AI application market takes off technology such as Teneo, which makes it easy for enterprises to realize their digital transformation, will be essential and it’s great news that our innovative approach is recognized by these prestigious awards.”

The award ceremony will take place later this week in London.

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