Secrets of Successful Enterprise AI During AI Summit San Fran


Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a  meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, today announced that chief marketing and strategy officer, Andy Peart, will take the stage at AI Summit as part of a panel discussion entitled “What makes an AI business project successful?”

The discussion will include a comprehensive debate on what artificial intelligence success looks like for the enterprise, delving into the details of planning, strategy, forging technology partnerships, and how best to deliver and measure ROI. In addition to the presentation, Artificial Solutions will exhibit at the Summit, which takes place September 27-28, 2017 in San Francisco.

Artificial Solutions is the leading expert in conversational AI for the enterprise. Its flagship product Teneo allows enterprises to build AI-based, conversational applications using a fraction of the resources typically required, in less time. Teneo helps organizations engage with their customer base across all channels, using natural language, to deliver the ultimate customer experience via digital employees, mobile personal assistants, bots, wearables and IoT. The recipient of more than a dozen awards, Teneo works across 35 different languages, and its conversational data suite allows organizations to better understand and utilize data directly from the voice of their customer.

“The past year has seen a surge in AI interest and implementation across the enterprise, yet many companies are concerned about how best to allocate resources and integrate technology to achieve success,” says Andy. “Artificial Solutions brings more than a decade of experience incorporating conversational AI into enterprise applications, particularly as it applies to customer engagement. I’m excited to share the stage during AI Summit and to help businesses looking to compete in today’s digital economy, by sharing best practices for using AI to meet customer demands in an omnichannel, highly-personalized and real time way.”

In addition to Andy, the panel includes noted experts from Inbenta, Lionbridge, Sigma Technologies and the MIT Center for Information Systems. The discussion will be moderated by Larry Lefkowitz, chief scientist of Sapient Consulting’s AI practice.

The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference & exhibition to decipher the practical implications of AI for corporations. The show attracts over 2,000 senior business CxOs, AI visionaries, AI start-up innovators, and acclaimed researchers.

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