Artificial Solutions Powers Folksam Conversational App


Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI), the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced today that Teneo® is powering the new mobile app from leading Swedish insurer, Folksam, that allows customers to complete claims faster and easier.

Teneo enables Folksam’s customers to explain what they’d like to do in their own words without needing to understand insurance terminology. The app, known as Sam, then guides them through the automated process step by step, helping to ensure that the right form is filled in at the right time. By allowing customers to ask questions of Sam at any stage of the process, Teneo helps ensure that claims are filled out correctly first time and avoid unnecessary delays which can be frustrating.

“We wanted to introduce an interactive way for our customers to be able to contact us at any time about a claim, and to make it faster and easier to complete the necessary forms,” says Lars Engvall, Chief Strategizer of the Futures Lab at Folksam. “Teneo’s intelligent conversational style, combined with its enterprise strength development capabilities has enabled us to create an automated service that still ensures that every customer has the personalized experience they deserve.”

Aided by partner Accenture, the application was built in a few short weeks using Artificial Solutions’ award-winning conversational AI development platform Teneo. Seamless integration into Folksam’s back-end systems enables Sam to understand the individual’s circumstances to deliver the right response. Initially built in Swedish, it is anticipated that additional languages will follow.

“We’re very excited to be working with Folksam to deliver an advanced conversational experience to their customers,” says Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions. “When speed and convenience has a direct impact on how customers view their overall brand experience it’s important to remove any points of friction that might get in the way. Teneo’s humanlike understanding and ability to carry out complex tasks makes it ideal for applications such as insurance claims, which can have many different permutations.”

Teneo allows enterprises to create sophisticated, humanlike conversational AI applications in 35 languages, running over any channel, across multiple use cases. Incorporating all the tools needed to build and manage conversational interfaces, Teneo enables global brands to deliver immersive experiences that increase engagement, maximize revenues and receive actionable business insight.

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