Artificial Solutions Powers Federal Healthcare Chatbot Built by Deloitte


Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI) the leading specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI, announced today that an intelligent chatbot developed for a US Federal Healthcare client was built by Deloitte using the Teneo® platform.

The chatbot helps healthcare workers seamlessly interact with the government agency by easing navigation on the website and allowing users to find the exact information they need quickly and easily, simply by asking in their own words what they’d like to achieve. As well as helping to improve the user experience, the virtual assistant will help to reduce the number of inbound queries into the contact center and enable staff to focus on other essential work.

Capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks, the digital employee can guide users in setting up an account or applying for financial assistance, while answering some of the most commonly asked questions. The Teneo based chatbot can open forms to be completed, documents to be read and recommend helpful videos. If a healthcare worker has a query a that can’t be resolved, the virtual assistant can even create a ticket to be followed up by the contact center. The chatbot can also perform a range of IT help services such as validating identity, resetting passwords and unlocking accounts.

Artificial Solutions’ partner, Deloitte, was instrumental in the development and installation of the advanced conversational AI application. Deloitte’s expertise in business transformation, combined with Teneo’s fast development cycle allowed for the chatbot to be built in a relatively short timescale. Taking advantage of the collaborative features within Teneo, the two companies worked together on many aspects of the solution such as ensuring that the virtual federal employee met 508 compliance regulations and is accessible to people with disabilities.

“For healthcare websites that contain vast amounts of information, an intelligent chatbot capable of delivering an immediate correct response any time of the day is hugely beneficial to the end user,” says Santhosh Vadiyala, Specialist Leader at Deloitte Consulting. “Teneo’s flexible and scalable infrastructure allowed us to develop the digital assistant with relative ease, including integration into third party software to deliver even greater intelligence and capabilities to the end user.”

Teneo is Artificial Solutions award-winning conversational AI platform that allows for business users and developers to collaborate on the fast creation of sophisticated, highly intelligent applications that run across more than 35 languages, multiple platforms and channels.

“This latest application demonstrates how an intelligent chatbot that is capable of carrying out meaningful activities for the end-user can deliver key benefits and operational efficiencies in a private/public sector relationship,” says Ryan Kuglitsch, Senior Director North America at Artificial Solutions. “We’re looking forward to working more closely with the federal client and Deloitte as their use of conversational AI expands in the future.”

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