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Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today a new strategic partnership with NIIT Technologies, a leading global IT solutions organization. As part of its digital transformation services, NIIT Technologies will be using the natural language development platform, Teneo™ from Artificial Solutions and has already implemented several pilot projects using the award-winning technology.

The Teneo platform allows enterprises to rapidly build a range of artificially intelligent, natural language applications from digital employees and mobile personal assistants, to bots, wearables and IoT interfaces—all from a single platform.  OS and device independent, Teneo reduces development timescales through advanced intelligent features including machine learning and provides true conversational ability in 35 languages.

In addition, Teneo allows enterprises to keep control of their data with a powerful analytics suite that unlocks the knowledge held within millions of conversations. This information can then be used to optimise, not just the conversation, but business processes, product trends and reveal hidden revenue opportunities.

Digital transformation is not about point solutions, it’s about working toward a long-term strategy of the business as a whole,” says Lalit Dhingra, President, Americas, NIIT Technologies. “One of today’s most critical business objectives is delivering Digital Emotionally Empathetic Experiences or what we call Digital E3.  Teneo is a platform that supports this vision by delivering everything required to rapidly develop highly intelligent conversational applications, including powerful real-time analytics that can be easily expanded or new applications added reusing much of an original build. This enables truly Intelligent Digital Experiences, effective, easy-to-use and emotionally engaging.”

Focusing on the travel and transportation, financial services, insurance and media sectors, NIIT Technologies helps enterprises realize their digital strategies through its deep-domain understanding, excellent technology capabilities and strong partnerships. Teneo will enable NIIT Technologies to easily build sophisticated, conversational applications for its clients that exhibit humanlike intelligence by understanding, predicting and responding to the user in an appropriate manner.

“We’re delighted that NIIT Technologies has chosen to partner with us and we have already forged a close working relationship with their extensive teams,” says Russ Tarr, VP Strategic Partnerships at Artificial Solutions. “Our experience with delivering, large-scale artificially intelligent, conversational applications, combined with NIIT Technologies vast expertise in global IT systems will ensure that enterprises are ready to take advantage of the next digital age.”

About NIIT Technologies

NIIT Technologies is a leading global IT solutions organization servicing customers across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Differentiated on the strength of its industry expertise, NIIT Technologies services clients in travel and transportation, banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and media verticals, offering a range of services including Application Development and Maintenance, Infrastructure Management, and Business Process Management. Focused on Digital Services, the Company is helping businesses design agile, scalable, and digital operating models.

NIIT Technologies adheres to major global benchmarks and standards of quality and Information Security.

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