Artificial Solutions Named Key Player in Fourth Industrial Revolution By Opus


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that its award winning platform Teneo is highlighted in the latest report from analyst firm Opus as being A prime example of a “works straight out of the gate” solution.

The whitepaper, Natural Language: The User Interface for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, looks at the fundamentals enterprises need to understand about natural language in order to develop a long-term strategy that will propel their business into the future.

“The technologies that give shape to the Fourth Industrial Revolution have irreversibly changed users’ expectations. Consumers are now setting the pace of the customer experience and enterprises must respond immediately if they don’t want to be left behind,” says Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder of Opus Research. “Technology such as Teneo from Artificial Solutions enables organisations to deliver the sophisticated interaction customers demand, in the rapid timescales business needs.”

The report considers the more recent changes in the market that has swung the weight of power to the customer and looks at how natural language is now centre stage as the main interface between businesses and consumers. Search engines, internet marketers and social networks have put traditional businesses on notice…. they are working non-stop to make their offering the “go-to” place for discovery, comparison, referral and, ultimately, transactions. The whitepaper also highlights the issue of who owns the data: Many of the tech giants sell the sizzle of AI, but keep the sausage of the actual data it generates, in order to further their own goals and end-uses.

In considering technology options for enterprises, the report describes Teneo as an enterprise-strength, fully-integrated NLI development and analytics platform that enables businesses to build intelligent natural language applications on any platform, device or language; and quickly deliver these to a waiting market. Companies that have deployed Teneo have found that they are able to develop and deploy sophisticated multi-modal interfaces without the need for highly-paid specialists.

“A lot of talk has been made about conversational applications, but few development technologies are capable of delivering the tools that enterprises need to fight back against the tech giants that threaten to install themselves into business critical revenue streams,” says Andy Peart, CMO and CSO at Artificial Solutions. “This latest report from Opus validates the urgency with which enterprises need to take action and start controlling their own customer conversations before the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Apple do.”

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