Virtual Assistant Platform acts as Independent Siri Alternative

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, today announced Teneo Mobile – a platform independent alternative to Apple’s Siri technology and designed to enable organisations to create their own virtual assistant as a mobile app, regardless of platform, mobile device and even language.

Siri Alternative

Teneo Mobile allows users to interact with their smartphone or tablet using everyday, natural language – either spoken or typed – and provides intelligent, humanlike responses to queries in a user friendly, conversational style.

With deep integration into smartphone features and the ability to access content from external applications and other information sources allowing it to be incorporated in the response, Teneo Mobile delivers an intuitive experience for users who can communicate their request using multiple input methods such as an onscreen keyboard or a microphone.

Powered by Artificial Solutions’ patented natural language interaction engine, a Teneo Mobile virtual assistant can be built in up to 21 different languages. When the user inputs their request using speech, Teneo Mobile uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to input the query and then processes it through the Teneo Interaction Engine to intelligently interpret the spoken words, making up for any deficit in the ASR and giving the appearance of understanding completely what the user said.

Equipped with the intelligence to learn, reason and understand, and then apply this knowledge to real interactions, the Teneo Mobile virtual assistant is able to dynamically re-assesses content as the conversation evolves, understand what has changed and give the correct answers.

Teneo Mobile offers companies across the mobile eco-system – device manufacturers, software and OS providers, and application developers – the ability to quickly implement their own mobile virtual assistant thanks to Artificial Solutions’ unique technology and the platform independence of Teneo Mobile. For other public and private sector organizations, Teneo Mobile offers an innovative and effective way to communicate with their customers, providing 24/7 service in an automated yet approachable way.

For end users, it offers a new way of communicating with companies in an intuitive, friendly manner. Designed specifically as a native app, Teneo Mobile offers a superior user experience and much deeper integration into device features than a simple web app would. For example, it can call telephone numbers or locate an office on Google maps, as well as recognizing standard mobile features such as “Contacts” or “Calendar”, including idiomatic instructions like “next Tuesday” or “where’s my nearest…”.

Also launched alongside Teneo Mobile is a developer toolkit, allowing specialist mobile app developers to build sophisticated NLI functionality into their own mobile apps.

“The excitement around the launch of Apple’s Siri technology is well placed. The tremendous advances in natural language intelligence in recent times is extraordinary and when teamed with speech recognition, it allows a truly intelligent and humanlike way of interacting with technology. We couldn’t have wished for a better company than Apple to raise the profile natural language interaction. Artificial Solutions has been developing artificial intelligence solutions based on natural language for a decade and with Teneo Mobile, we have now brought this capability to the mobile market. The great advantage of Teneo Mobile is that it runs across multiple platforms and supports numerous languages,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions.

Artificial Solutions has built some of the most sophisticated and intelligent online virtual assistants available, with clients including many of Europe’s leading organizations. Its own Elbot ‘chatbot’ was crowned “King of AI,” and last week an Artificial Solutions web based virtual assistant won the Web Customer Service category at the Contact Center Awards 2011.

Concluding, Flynn says “With the development of processing power on mobile devices and the increasing use of cloud based applications, making our proven technology available as a native app for mobile computing is the next natural next step.”

Teneo Mobile is not just platform and device independent, the unique way in which Artificial Solutions builds its virtual assistants, using a powerful, yet intuitive, flow chart structure, means that control is no longer the domain of specialist technical or linguistics consultants either. This dramatically reduces the time traditionally taken to build a virtual assistant and places control of the Virtual Assistant in the hands of the business users ensures that changes, updates and enhancements can be made as frequently as needed.

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