Artificial Solutions launches Teneo 7.1

teneo 7.1

At Artificial Solutions, we’re proud to call Teneo the CAI platform of choice for *all* creators.

From No-Code to Pro-Code, the latest release of Teneo expands its feature set with something for every member of the team.

Professional Coding Capabilities

At Artificial Solutions, we know how important actual code can be to getting conversational AI deployed and optimized at scale. We also know that managing that code can get challenging over time.

For our Pro-Coders, we’ve made your development and maintenance tasks more efficient by allowing you to break down your scripts into smaller, more manageable code blocks. These smaller scripts are not only easier to work with, but they’ll each support modular version control and release management functionality, making maintenance even more efficient.

And along with this new multiple-scripts capability, we’re introducing two new interfaces to allow you even greater flexibility and control when managing your growing code library.

We’ve introduced a graphical interface for ordering and re-ordering scripts and listeners. And for those die-hard developers, we’ve expanded our APIs to support these same script management tasks.

Greater Modularity. Greater Control. What’s not to love? If you’d like to get a high-level overview, click here.

And if you’re keen to dive right into the details, check out our reference docs, here.

Designed to support business users

Earlier this year, we released an entirely new web-based version of Teneo Studio. Our goal was to enable a wider pool of creators and contributors to participate in the design and build of conversational AI solutions.

That very first version released in June, while impressive, was admittedly somewhat limited in terms of features. In many ways, it was a preview of what was yet to come.

With this latest release, we’re excited to see Teneo Web move several steps forward on its journey to becoming a complete end-to-end solution development space.

And while we’re still incredibly proud and committed to enhancing Teneo Desktop studio, the opportunity for our users to fully manage the solution lifecycle through their browser is something we’re excited about.

Teneo Web now supports the ability to fully manage your scripts, variables, listeners, context, integrations, and file resources alongside a highly intuitive conversation design UI.

Teneo Web also now supports a protected, read-only mode. You’ll be able to share your solution designs and conversational flows with your business users and stakeholders without risking unintended edits to your solution.

Encourage collaboration and broaden the scope of contributors and get more work done, all from your favorite browser.

If you’d like to learn more, head on over to our Teneo experience page.