Artificial Solutions Launches NLInews

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction specialist whose virtual assistants help companies optimize customer service, launched today a blog that looks more closely at the world of Natural Language Interaction (NLI). With contributions from Artificial Solutions, its clients and industry experts, delivers the latest NLI information in engaging, easy to understand posts.

Covering everything from having a humanlike conversation with a computer, to how intelligent virtual assistants are revolutionizing customer service, the blog provides insight into the complex world of making conversing with technology simple using everyday, natural language.

“NLInews will allow us to provide readers with useful information about the different areas that NLI has an impact on such as virtual assistants, customer service and mobile applications, as well as corporate events that might be of interest. We envisage that NLInews will help to educate people about the technology and be a useful source of information about the latest developments in NLI,” says Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions.

Though the main contributors will be employees of Artificial Solutions, collaboration is already planned with blog posts from clients, providing an inside view of real-world NLI applications, alongside comment from industry experts.

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