Artificial Solutions Launches Rebrand

Artificial Solutions®, the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced today a brand-new look to its business. With new colors, typography and website, the changes reflect the dynamic nature of the conversational AI marketplace.

“2018 was a memorable year for us with many new deals and partnerships cemented, so it’s exciting to start 2019 on a high with the fireworks of a vibrant and energetic new look to our brand,” says Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions. “The changes represent our strong position for the next part of our journey as conversational AI integrates with other technologies from augmented reality to robotic process automation to deliver truly immersive and memorable experiences to customers.”

The color purple, long associated with Artificial Solutions, is joined by coral and cyan to add a vibrancy to the overall look, while two new accent hues, mustard and grey, convey the strength behind Artificial Solutions’ technology.

Color isn’t the only change to the brand. With the launch of a new website, Artificial Solutions is aiming to not just simplify the complexity behind conversational AI in its technology, but on the page too.

“Our technology has always focused on making developing advanced conversational AI applications easy and more transparent for enterprises, which often results in us perhaps being a little too technical in our explanation about what make Artificial Solutions different,” continues Andy. “I make no apologies about it. We’re nerds, we love to talk about the intricate details. But with departments from HR to Marketing wanting to implement their own conversational AI applications nowadays, we realized we needed to take a leaf out of our own book and speak in a more humanlike way to business users—at least until they want the detail.”

The new branding was developed with the help of Whistle and the marketing team at Artificial Solutions.

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