Fully Integrated Enterprise Platform for the Development of AI Apps


Artificial Solutions announced today the launch of Teneo 4, the first complete platform to enable users to rapidly develop natural language applications that embrace artificial intelligence through the use of machine learning and implicit personalization.

Key features of Teneo 4 include:

  • A single integrated platform that covers every aspect of natural language application development in 35 languages running on any operating system or device.
  • Deep analytics that unlock the knowledge, sentiment and future trends held in natural language conversations.
  • Real time interpretation of natural language data enables highly personalized interactions.
  • Intelligent interface that reduces typical application build time from months to weeks.
  • Machine learning allows Teneo to learn, predict and proactively recommend improvements.

Teneo 4 enables enterprises to rapidly build a range of artificially intelligent natural language applications from digital employees and mobile personal assistants, to wearables and IoT interfaces – all from a single platform. Deep analytics provides the backbone to delivering true machine learning and implicit personalization by understanding more about an individual, their likes and preferences, through interaction only.

Real-time interpretation of natural language data and the ability to access individual specific information from other data sources, allows NLI (Natural Language Interaction) apps to automatically personalize their responses to an individual level and open up new marketing possibilities and revenue opportunities for enterprises. Furthermore, Teneo’s analytic capabilities enable organizations to unlock the knowledge from millions of conversations, delivering immediate access to an unrivalled depth of understanding into the voice of their customer alongside key business intelligence.

Teneo 4 also brings artificial intelligence to the development of natural language applications. For the last few years Artificial Solutions has reduced the reliance on highly technical skills such as computational linguists that other tools still require. Now in this latest release, it has taken it one step further by using machine learning and auto-coding to enable Teneo to learn, predict and proactively recommend improvements to an application. This enables organizations to quickly build and deploy highly effective NLI applications that address the majority of customer queries within very short timescales.

“People’s expectation of technology is changing rapidly. They no longer assume it will just respond to their commands, they anticipate an intelligent response,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. “In the past, meeting those expectations was beyond the capabilities and resources of most companies, but with Teneo 4 we’ve simplified the process through machine learning and highly intelligent automation to enable enterprises to deliver what their customers want today.”

Teneo is an advanced Natural Language Interaction (NLI) development and analytics platform that enables business users and developers to collaborate on creating sophisticated natural language applications. The platform consists of four core components: Teneo Language Resources, Teneo Studio, Teneo Interaction Engine and the Teneo Analytics Suite. These components cover every aspect of NLI app development including pre-analysis, scoping, design, development, integrations, testing, deployment, logging, analysis, data-driven automated optimization.

Maximizing the Value of Conversational AI Alongside GDPR Compliance White Paper

While data regulation may be tightening, it is still possible for enterprises using Teneo to derive significant value and benefits from conversational AI, even when complying with the most stringent of data protection legislation.

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