Artificial Solutions ‘Hottest Nordic Company’ finalist

Artificial Solutions announced today that it has been identified as one of the hottest companies in the Nordic digital economy when it was shortlisted by leading investment banking firm GP Bullhound and a jury of renowned business leaders, for the award “Disruptive Challenger of the Year”.

The GP Bullhound Disruptive Challenger of the Year award is held in association with the Swedish Venture Capital Association (SVCA) and recognizes the company that has developed the most innovative and groundbreaking technology in its field and is a real competitor as a market leader in its segment.

Artificial Solutions’ patented Natural Language Interaction technology, Teneo, enables people to hold meaningful two-way conversations with applications and services running on mobile technology, computers and other electronic devices such as smart TVs in a humanlike, intelligent manner. Its unique graphical interface enables business users, not technical linguistic experts, to develop their own virtual assistants on any platform, device and language.

The Teneo Platform is typically delivered in three main ways. Firstly, as a platform, device and language independent personal assistant for mobile technology allowing users to speak to, gain answers from and control their mobile device using a natural, everyday language interface. Secondly, as web based virtual assistants that automate online customer service and ecommerce sales queries. Finally, to analyze free format natural language conversations to gain high levels of customer insight that helps identify issues and reveal new trends.

“Over the last eighteen months, we’ve developed the Teneo platform to remove barriers that have held back natural language interaction by simplifying the process of building and developing intelligent virtual assistants, whilst increasing their worth to an organisation by including powerful analytics that delivers unparalleled customer intelligence,” says Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions. “The end result is the Teneo platform that enables intelligent virtual assistants to be deployed easily wherever humans interact with technology.”

The winner will be announced at a gala awards dinner during SVCA’s Private Equity Conference on the 19th April 2012.

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