New Patent Enables a Array of Chatbots to Work Together

Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI) the leading specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI, announced today that it has filed a new technology patent that enables chatbots of different architectures and capabilities to be rapidly integrated into an ecosystem to work together.

The patent details how chatbots and other conversational AI systems can share resources and abilities through a common communication protocol, which ultimately improves the end-user experience. It also includes a methodology for automatically determining a chatbot’s suitability to answer the customer query taking into consideration the chatbot’s depth of knowledge and its capabilities.

Chatbots are frequently used to enhance aspects of the customer experience as well as to assist employees with internal operations such as helpdesks, account operations and human resources. However, when multiple conversational AI applications are used for different purposes, the end-user may have difficulty locating the best chatbot for assistance or may not even know how to determine which chatbot is most suitable for resolving their specific issue.

“By unifying bots and other enterprise resources into a single ecosystem, enterprises can pool information and capabilities to best serve customer queries and take advantage of each resource’s specific domain knowledge. At the same time this patent solves the problems associated with having multiple different and incompatible chatbots by allowing for rapid and low-cost integration of all conversational AI applications into the chatbot network.”

Andreas Wieweg, CTO of Artificial Solutions.

Many enterprises operate several chatbots today that have distinct roles within the business. Developed over a period of time, using a variety of architectures and platforms, these chatbots are rarely able to communicate with each other. This problem is often compounded when a business acquisition occurs, and organizations are faced with the problematic choice between spending resources maintaining the inherited chatbots and training staff in their operation or developing newer applications to replace those acquired.

Artificial Solutions’ patent enables enterprises to bring chatbots into a single ecosystem and further enhance it with integrations from trusted third-party partners. This will deliver a greater, more capable, experience to customers, while providing organisations with deeper customer insight, increased operational efficiencies and new revenue opportunities.

Since 2016, many of the largest software companies in the world including Apple, Nuance, Google and IBM have made forward citations of Artificial Solutions’ pioneering patents, confirming the company’s position as a leading innovator in the conversational AI space.

The company is confident that this latest patent will continue the trend as newer patents in the future acknowledge its importance as a foundational patent in the conversational AI sector and multiple chatbots to Work Together in the future.

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