Guiding Enterprises to Self-Sufficiency in Conversational AI

Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI), the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced today that it is expanding the capabilities offered by its Professional Services team to meet the demand from partners and corporate centers of excellence to build internal teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to rapidly take advantage of conversational AI technology.

The new offering provides access to some of the world’s most experienced conversational AI experts. Working hands-on alongside the organization, they will enable skills transference, provide mentoring and support throughout the lifetime of the project and provide a path for enterprises to achieve self-sufficiency in developing their conversational AI applications.

“While community support has its place with development platforms, it doesn’t meet the needs of large enterprises. For many businesses developing advanced conversational applications is a step into the unknown. Being able to rely on expert advice at the beginning of a project – and getting that hand-holding as the project progresses – is crucial to developing the application to its full potential and ensuring success in meeting business goals,” says Darren Ford, VP Global Customer Services for Artificial Solutions.

Self-sufficiency in developing conversational AI applications will be essential for enterprises to maximize resources as its adoption spreads beyond traditional uses such as customer services into other areas including sales and HR. The democratization of AI, one of the two megatrends that dominates the Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence 2020, will see developers and business users start to lead projects that were once the domain of data scientists and computational linguistics experts.

Artificial Solutions’ most senior consultants will guide development from the initial stages of mobilizing resources and designing the conversational application through to going live and ongoing maintenance. As the project progresses and the enterprise’s own in-house skills and understanding of conversational AI increases, Artificial Solutions role evolves from leading the project to providing coaching and mentoring services. This eventually leads the team to operate on its own resources supported by Artificial Solutions’ consultants in an advisory capacity.

This latest offering allows partners and corporate centers of excellence to benefit from the knowledge and experience already gained by Artificial Solutions involvement in many successful implementations of global conversational AI deployments across a wide range of industries. Using their expertise, senior consultants will steer the project to ensure it delivers a robust, scalable and maintainable system that meets business’ goals, while providing unparalleled advice on the finer points of conversational AI.

The additional services supplement the freely accessible training already available on the Teneo Developers portal, alongside its community forum in which Artificial Solutions’ conversational AI experts regularly provide articles and tutorials to help developers gain a better understanding of the technology.


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