Artificial Solutions Enables Web Interface Toolkit

Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, human-like interaction with technology, announced today the inclusion of the Web Interface Toolkit in the Teneo platform to enable users to quickly customize and personalize their virtual assistant’s user interface.

Supporting all major browsers, the Web Interface Toolkit has everything required to configure templates allowing customers to maximize their investment in their Teneo Virtual Assistant. Animations, performing custom actions such as handing over a conversation to a live agent, and adapting the appearance of the window or extended view are just some of changes that the toolkit enables.

In addition, it includes step by step instructions on how to further customize the interface and a guide to help build advanced dialogues flows, such as those utilizing extended views, HTML, links and related FAQs. The Web Interface Toolkit also provides the ability to assign metadata to the dialogues, enabling organizations to generate detailed statistics that can be analyzed through Teneo Insight to provide actionable data.

“This latest addition to Teneo allows users to quickly extend and customize their Teneo Virtual Assistant user interface and continues the ethos of the Teneo Platform to enable anyone to create an intelligent, natural language interaction between man and machine,” says Andreas Wieweg, CTO of Artificial Solutions. “We have also provided in the toolkit an independent API for developers that want to tailor the interface even further.”

Teneo enables non-experts to easily construct dialogues and business logic using its powerful flow chart structure. This means that adding new dialogues or updating responses is as simple as drag and drop, whilst one click publishing ensures any changes made are instantly available. The interface gives users complete visibility and there is no need for programming skills. With the inclusion of the Web Interface Toolkit, users can now customize their virtual assistants UI just as easily.

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