Artificial Solutions’ Dr. Rebecca Jonsson to Speak at SpeechTEK


Artificial Solutions™ (, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that Chief Researcher, Rebecca Jonsson, PhD will be presenting “How Does John Doe Engage With a Mobile Personal Assistant?” at SpeechTEK 2015.

Taking place in New York during August, SpeechTEK brings together the speech technology industry for the 20th time to discuss different aspects such as business management, user interface design and experience, alongside recent advances such as personal and virtual assistants.

Dr Jonsson’s presentation will examine data from Artificial Solutions own mobile personal assistant, to explore how average users of a personal assistant engage with it. Attendees will discover which apps users prefer to control by voice, what they mostly ask about, how they formulate themselves, how they react to misunderstandings as well as the differences in how users engage by country.

“Siri and its successors brought speech technology and natural language interaction into the spotlight and have been for many people around the world the first acquaintance with this type of applications,” says Dr Jonsson. “We have a unique opportunity, by exploring the data collected with our personal assistant, to find out more about how users interact with Speech and NLI technology and for what they prefer to use this channel of communication. For me as a linguist, it is a thrill to have this gold mine at the fingertips and be able to explore what users (anonymized) around the world say and how they express themselves.”

Dr. Jonsson, who holds a Master’s degree in Computational Linguistics and a Doctorate in Linguistics, has over 15 years of commercial and academic experience in spoken language technologies and natural language processing. She joined Artificial Solutions in 2007 and today leads the R&D team. Prior to joining Artificial Solutions, she worked at Telefonica in Madrid as part of the Speech Technology Group, designing and developing novel speech applications.

The SpeechTEK 2015 Conference takes place on the 17-19 August in New York. For more information visit

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