Artificial Solutions Discusses the Connected Home at GSMA Mobility Live!


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that Darren Ford, COO, North America, is a panelist at GSMA Mobility Live! in Atlanta next week.

Darren will be discussing the challenges that enterprises face in developing for the connected home market that PwC predicts to be worth US$150 billion globally by 2020, of which over 50% will be spent on remote home security. Drawing on his experience from a number of high-end IoT based projects currently being deployed, Darren will focus on the need for intelligent conversational interfaces to improve the customer experience and to overcome the issue of interoperability.

Artificial Solutions’ Teneo platform is already being used by several global enterprises specifically for the purpose of developing AI projects centered at improving the point where customers’ lives and technology intersect. By using the Teneo Platform, enterprises can rapidly build a range of artificially intelligent natural language applications from digital employees and mobile personal assistants, to bots, wearables and IoT interfaces—all from a single platform.

OS and device independent, Teneo reduces development timescales through advanced intelligent features including machine learning and provides true conversational ability in 35 languages.

Teneo’s analytic capabilities enable organizations to unlock the knowledge from millions of conversations, delivering immediate access to an unrivaled depth of understanding into the voice of their customer alongside key business intelligence. Artificial Solutions’ patented natural language technology is used by some of the world’s largest organizations to solve complex issues, easily.

GSMA Mobility Live! is a joint event from the GSMA and the Metro Atlanta Chamber and covers a range of topics including 5G, connected living, smart cities, digital health, fintech, the IoT and augmented reality. Taking place in Atlanta, home to many Fortune 500/1000 companies, the conference runs from 1 – 2 November, 2016.

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