Artificial Solutions Discusses the Future of AI and Banking


Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that Chris Bushnell, CFO of Artificial Solutions will be advising how AI is helping the financial industry exceed customer expectations at the latest techUK Workshop.

Chris will look at how consumer expectations of interacting with a myriad of technology from connected cars and smart homes to mobile apps, bots and the IoT is changing. Speech is eliminating the need for clunky menus and tortuous navigation paths, and consumers are embracing the idea of talking to technology.

However, not all enterprises are ready to engage with customers through these new digital channels. In his presentation Chris will consider some of the challenges that firms must overcome, and the pitfalls to avoid, while demonstrating how conversational natural language is the future of banking applications.

With more 900 member companies that employ approximately half of the tech sector jobs in the UK, techUK is the leading industry voice. In its latest workshop, Realising the Potential of AI in Financial Services, techUK brings together leading experts in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to explore the opportunities and benefits to the finance sector that could come from the adoption and implementation of AI. The session will also consider possible risks, challenges and barriers that could stand in the way, and how these might be overcome.

Open to techUK members the workshop takes place on 24 April 2017, in London.

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