Conversational AI and Immersive Experiences at AI in Finance

Artificial Solutions®, the leading specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI, announced today that Morgana Caldarini, Country Manager Italy of Artificial Solutions is speaking at the AI in Finance conference in London next month.

Morgana will be explaining to an audience of some of Europe’s leading financial institutions how conversational AI and technologies such as virtual reality can be used together to create an immersive, engaging customer experiences.

Considering every aspect from the wide reaching benefits of using conversational AI to the more practical aspects such as complying with GDPR, Morgana’s presentation will also discuss how conversational AI is also being used beyond customer service to improve productivity.

“Several of our clients have or are in the process of integrating other technology such as virtual reality into their conversational AI applications to deliver a more immersive experience to their customers,” Says Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions. “At first glance using VR in customer service may appear more of a gimmick, until you understand how these enterprises are reaching new audiences and creating loyalty by delivering a faster and more engaging experience.” AI in Finance takes place on the 5-6 February 2019 in Kensington, London. For more information visit

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