Artificial Solutions Delivers Intelligent Virtual Assistant to Deutsche Post

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, human-like interaction with technology, announced today that Deutsche Post has implemented a Teneo Intelligent Virtual Assistant called Jana to deliver 24/7 customer service to its E-Post customers.

The E-Post Intelligent Virtual Assistant not only interprets and answers questions, but also distinguishes between business and private customers, navigates the user through the E-Post website or guides them through queries and selection possibilities to the requested information. Jana is able to independently select the answers from Deutsche Post’s knowledge base, allowing the user to receive competent answers and prompt solutions anytime of the day.

“The classic approach of virtual assistants responding to key words is nowhere near good enough for online customer service,” says Petra Weber, Customer Service Manager of E-Post. “As some words have several meanings or in colloquial language different words have similar meanings, such as postage and price. Only an intelligent search engine using semantic analytics can recognize and interpret the context correctly. Also, data such as the user’s location, time of the day or information from previous conversations must also be considered.

“The second major challenge is the ability to simulate natural language. This is why NLI systems are essential,” continues Petra. “These are capable of processing complex context, answering questions in natural language and referring to links or information sources for additional assistance. To achieve this, the system accesses extensive language databases that are indexed to corresponding contexts and combines this with variables such as the current calendar date.”

Jana is based on Artificial Solutions’ Teneo Platform which has the ability to learn, reason, understand and apply its knowledge during a conversation with a user. Besides answering a customer’s questions, the assistant is able to log and manage information. Additionally Jana is able to chat about general topics that are not product or problem related.

“Jana helps to improve customer satisfaction levels by providing another channel for information that is fast and efficient,” says Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions. “Our virtual assistants stand out because they are able to engage the customer in a human like intelligent conversation, which adds further credibility to the overall answer given, making the customer less likely to reach for the phone just to confirm.”

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