Artificial Solutions Delivers Insight into NLI at Mobile Voice Conference


Artificial Solutions®, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that Andy Peart and Sonja Petrović Lundberg will be presenting at Mobile Voice Conference in San Jose on the 11-12 April 2016.

Organized by the Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS), The Mobile Voice Conference covers the practical, business and technical implications of language as an interface, including speech recognition, natural language interpretation and conversational applications. Attracting industry leaders from the academic world and the commercial sector, the conference this year considers the maturing market and rapid adoption of language technology.

Andy Peart, CMO, looks at the reasons behind “Why we don’t talk anymore” and discusses how natural language delivers the intimacy to bring customers closer. With examples of enterprises that use NLI to deliver a better customer experience and grow revenues, the presentation provides insight as to the pitfalls enterprises need to overcome and the requirement for holistic technology to capitalize on the opportunities.

R&D Engineer, Sonja Petrović Lundberg takes the audience behind the scenes of real-life natural language interaction applications. In “The Lifecycle of a Natural Language Interface” she explores the content management systems of the future and how they will make it possible for big and small enterprises, as well as individuals, to disseminate information, provide services and interact with their target groups using natural language.

The Rise of the Conversational Assistant White Paper

This white paper, using independently commissioned research, looks at the current use of voice assistants by consumers and considers the implications and likely changes in the near future.

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