Artificial Solutions Customer Wins North of England Excellence Award

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that its customer, The Co-operative Banking Group, has won the North of England Excellence Special Award for Innovation. This is the second award for its business and process improvement team. Just last month, The “Connect” team within Co-operative Banking Group, in October, won the 2011 British Quality Foundation (BQF) Achievement Award for Process Improvement.

A key element of its submission is Mia (My Interactive Advisor), a Teneo Virtual Assistant that enables calls to the Co-operative Banking Group contact center to be handled up to 65% faster.

Built upon Artificial Solutions’ Teneo platform, Mia is an intelligent interface that is able to hold two-way, humanlike interactions with the Co-operative Banking Group’s contact center employees, to quickly provide them with the correct answers to a wide range of banking and insurance questions. This reduces the need for staff to confer with team leaders over complex questions or refer to colleagues or other paper based reference material. To date Mia has delivered on average a thirty-five second saving in every call in which she assists.

“Customers are at the heart of everything the Co-operative Banking Group does. Providing the best possible service has been the main driver of the business and process improvement work we have undertaken. Receiving the North of England Excellence Award, and the British Quality Foundation Award, is important recognition for our team, who have worked with business colleagues and partners to drive through innovative process and service delivery improvements,” noted Peter Rowbottom, Co-operative connect Function Leader.

Based in Manchester, with more than 12,000 employees, The Co-operative Banking Group contributes to the prosperous economy of the North of England. The Co-operative Banking Group is part of the Co-operative Group, the world’s largest consumer-owned business, with more than 20 million customers and business interests in financial services, food, travel, pharmacy and funeral care. The Co-operative Banking Group provides financial products and services ranging from daily retail banking to corporate lending and payments to insurance, investments, and pensions.

“It is fantastic news that the achievements of Mia and the Co-operative Banking Group are being recognized,” says Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions. “Intelligent virtual assistants such as Mia are showing organizations how they can significantly improve all kind of business processes through natural language interaction. We are delighted that the Artificial Solutions Virtual Adviser and our team were a part of their efforts.”

The North of England Excellence Awards is an annual award recognizing organizations that achieve and sustain superior levels of performance. The Awards are supported by the British Quality Foundation and the Chartered Quality Institute. It is a non-profit organization rewarding companies from the North for their strategic vision and excellence.

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