Artificial Solutions Puts Conversational Data at Heart of Teneo 5


Artificial Solutions, the leading specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI, announced today the latest version of Teneo, Teneo 5, its award-winning conversational AI platform. New features and capabilities particularly around how data is generated and used will give enterprises a level of visibility, flexibility and control of their conversational AI projects that is unmatched by any other commercial product available.

Teneo 5 enables C-level executives to take charge of conversational AI projects with key features including:

Seamless Integration of Conversational Data

Conversational data generated by the application is now integrated seamlessly across all modules of Teneo 5 enabling real-time access to business data insights and data driven development that automatically enhances the interaction and maintains the system.

The integration also allows for increased data reporting, analysis and anonymizing features that ensure CIOs can reliably meet the most stringent privacy and data regulations, while still deriving significant value from the conversational data generated.

In addition, key stakeholders can measure the performance of the conversational application with KPI reporting and management information that allows CFOs to book direct ROI with, in many cases, year 1 paybacks.

Hybrid Approach at a Native Level

Teneo 5 offers a true hybrid model by providing a native interface between linguistic and machine learning that ensures seamless integration between the two, rather than having them compartmentalized as discrete components. Machine learning techniques deliver the closed-loop of automated learning, optimizing and improving; while Teneo 5’s linguistic elements ensure human control as a safeguard for optimum performance.

Language Switching within Conversations

Teneo 5 sees Artificial Solutions extend its leadership around multi-lingual support with the inclusion of features such as automatic language detection and the ability to seamlessly switch between languages within a conversation. In addition, enhanced sentiment detection and increased out of the box functionality allows enterprises to take advantage of Teneo’s pre-trained dialogues and conversations to build conversational AI applications even faster.

Updated Technology Stack for Faster Scalability

Teneo 5’s enhanced technology stack makes installation simpler and allows for faster roll-out of new environments, particular in applications where the enterprise chooses to self-host. Now CIOs can quickly deliver a robust and proven Conversational AI backbone infrastructure without needing large-scale capital investment to go-live.

“As the wide-reaching impact of conversational AI starts to be understood by enterprises, we are seeing an increase in C-level involvement in projects. Unlike other conversational tools, which are often code heavy, resource intensive and provide little visibility, Teneo has always been built to enable collaboration between business users and developers. The latest features in Teneo 5 not only ensure that development timescales are even faster than before, but that we continue to make it possible for C-level executives to oversee every stage of a project to ensure business objectives, from functionality to RoI, are met,” says Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions.

Teneo is already known for reducing development timescales from months to weeks when compared with other conversational AI platforms. Now, seamless integration allows for data to be shared in real-time across all modules of Teneo 5 delivering a wide range of benefits from AI powered improvement suggestions, to automatically prioritizing the best training data to use for optimum machine learning algorithms.

At the same time, Teneo’s front-end graphical interface provides immediate access to data-driven insights, enabling the conversational AI designer to easily understand what’s working with the dialog flow, and more importantly what’s not, with the ability to make manual adjustments where necessary.

The data generated also provides the means for key stakeholders to measure the performance of the conversational application. From the number of successful interactions and call deflections, to qualifying customer services KPIs, Teneo 5 allows businesses to understand customer satisfaction levels at a glance. In addition, detailed reporting of the conversational AI data also delivers actionable insight to other areas of the business from product management and marketing to distribution.

With Teneo 5, C-level executives don’t just have full control and visibility over their conversational AI projects, but also how the data generated is processed and stored. Affording enterprises the flexibility to comply with legislation such as GDPR, while still allowing businesses to maintain ownership and utilise the data the conversational AI system generates. As with previous versions, Teneo 5 can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise to help organisations comply with their own security policies.

Continuing the open architecture that has made Teneo one of the most flexible conversational AI platforms available, enterprises are also able to plug-in and seamlessly integrate their own AI assets with ease.

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