The Power of Data Analytics in Natural Language Conversations


Artificial Solutions®, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, today announced the launch of Teneo® Analytics suite. The suite, comprised of three modules: Teneo Insight, Teneo Discovery and Teneo Analytics API, enables enterprises to utilize, for the first time, massive amounts of raw, unstructured conversational data from sources such as virtual assistants, live chat, call transcripts and emails. Access to this data significantly increases insight into customer preferences and decision making, allowing companies to fully personalize the way they interact with each individual consumer.

The ability to summarize conversational data alongside context, metadata and other criteria is a difficult and time consuming task for enterprises. Teneo Analytics changes this by enabling companies to use conversational data to reveal actionable insights, create data-driven applications and automatically train the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to anticipate customer needs.

“The launch of Teneo Analytics suite means that, for the first time, companies can actually cull and utilize data on all types of customer conversations with AI,” said Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. “When used together, the three distinct modules allow organizations to move beyond basic business intelligence toward offering customers greater personalization, targeted recommendations and predictive AI models.”

Teneo Discovery

Teneo Discovery is the text mining tool of the suite, offering a more in-depth and actionable approach to analytics than anything else on the market. The platform delivers a highly visual representation of key customer issues and questions, empowering enterprises with actionable, data-driven business decisions, all in real time.

Teneo Discovery operates via a simple point and click interface that allows users to immediately visualize data and single out important moments within a conversation, while still providing access to all original input. Using the module’s statistical analysis techniques, organizations can freely model and develop the initial order of data and drill down as they choose. This real time review often exposes surprising and unexpected insights that would not otherwise have been discovered, giving businesses a more nuanced, comprehensive understanding of customers.

Teneo Analytics API

Teneo Analytics API allows organizations to automatically tailor communication based on each unique interaction, delivering highly personalized responses. In addition, a retailer for example, can use it to find out why items are frequently bought together and whether or not the associations are strong enough to make predictions, enabling better customer recommendations.

For technical users such as data scientists, the Teneo Analytics API enables natural language data to be stored in one place, and still have access to both the meta-data and the free format text data, or a combination of the two.

Teneo Insight

Teneo Insight is designed to track and analyze the conversations that users have with their Teneo applications providing the insight and information need to track and refine KPIs and business targets, and the knowledge you need to identify gaps in the content base, allowing clients to continually improve and refine the solution’s performance.

“Enterprises frequently rely on their own, often prejudiced, interpretation of data, simply because they don’t have the necessary resources, or retrieving it takes too long,” said Andreas Wieweg, CTO of Artificial Solutions. “Data scientists typically spend up to 70 percent of a project’s time just garnering and cleaning information! The Teneo Analytics suite changes this and enables engineers to focus on how the intelligence revealed can be used to improve the business.”

Artificial Solutions will present its Teneo solution at the Intelligent Assistants Conference in San Francisco, September 12-13, 2016.

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