Chief Operating Officer Appointed by Artificial Solutions, Peter Roost

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction and Customer Service Optimization specialist, announced today the appointment of Peter Roost as Chief Operating Officer. With over twenty years of experience in the European IT industry, Roost will be responsible for strategic and operational initiatives, helping the company maximise its potential as the demand for intelligent virtual assistants takes off.

Roost’s early career with Xerox manufacturing led to direct involvement with advanced IT systems. He moved to Minerva Computer Systems and following a MBO spent 11 years at the head of Minerva International Holdings – a major ERP distribution business which grew to £25m revenue, 250 staff and 7 operating companies in Europe.

“Peter’s knowledge and experience of scaling a company’s operations to grow rapidly will prove invaluable as demand for Teneo virtual assistants powered by our own natural language interaction engine increases,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions.

With over 200 successful projects deployed globally, Artificial Solutions develops the world’s most humanlike, intelligent and capable virtual assistants, available on any platform, in any language, anywhere. Recognised for delivering the most business value for the least operational cost, Artificial Solutions enables people and computers to hold intelligent conversations over a diverse array of mediums including web, smartphones, SMS , email, social networks and live chat.

During his career Roost has served as European Region Director for TRW Systems, a large system integrator that was acquired by Northrop Grumman, and as Managing Director of a subsidiary of Planit Holdings, a provider of CAD/CAM solutions to global manufacturing companies, with responsibilities to the group’s board including business development.

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