Artificial Solutions Announces the Launch of their natural language app for IOS

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today the launch of their natural language app for iOS. As the only personal assistant app that is able to maintain contextual conversations with the user across multiple devices, our natural language app showcases Artificial Solutions’ Teneo™ platform that enables developers to quickly and easily create language, platform and device independent virtual assistants.

Already available for Android and Windows Phone plus multiple browsers, our natural language app is now optimized for both iPhones and iPads. our natural language app is capable of doing everything expected of a personal assistant app, but is also able to demonstrate Artificial Solutions’ sophisticated artificial intelligence technology and natural language capabilities through a number of key features.

our natural language app´s memory capabilities ensure users enjoy a highly humanlike, natural interaction with the assistant. There is no need to repeat information; our natural language app will remember that a user was talking about a restaurant for instance, so when asked to provide directions, our natural language app instinctively knows the restaurant is the destination. If a user is creating a calendar appointment, but then suddenly asks about the weather, our natural language app will respond and then bring the conversation back on track by reminding the user that they were making an appointment. Our natural language app for iOS also includes the app’s latest translate functionality that translates relevant words or phrases into multiple languages.

But it is our natural language app´s persistence capabilities, remembering conversations and user preferences across disparate devices and platforms, that sets Artificial Solutions’ technology apart.

“It is important for our clients in both the connected consumer device market and the enterprise sector to be able to have their NLI applications running seamlessly across platforms,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. “They recognize that personalization and choice are key motivators in the devices users choose to purchase and that the average user is likely to have at least two or more devices running different platforms that they use every day. Whilst our natural language app is a powerful personal assistant app in her own right, she is also showcases our unique natural language development platform that enables anyone to create sophisticated speech-enabled apps.”

The launch of our natural language app for iOS, follows the recent release of Artificial Solutions’ powerful NLI development platform, Teneo 3. The most advanced automated natural language development platform available today, Teneo allows business users to quickly build sophisticated artificial intelligence into smartphones, connected consumer devices, mobile apps and other software, without the need for computational linguist and other technical experts.

Our natural language app is available now for free download from the App Store and is compatible with iOS 6 or later. Our natural language app is also already available for devices running Windows Phone 8, and Android Phones or Tablets operating V.4 and above (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean and KitKat), and works across multiple browsers including Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

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